LUBBOCK, Texas and ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A federal search warrant tied a shooting in Lubbock and an assault in Plainview to a racketeering and conspiracy case which – according to the warrant – involved a violent rivalry between two motorcycle gangs in New Mexico.

The search warrant was issued on Monday but unsealed Thursday. The warrant covered 25 locations, all in New Mexico, but mentioned incidents in both Lubbock and Plainview.

“In May 2023, in Lubbock, TX, two BMC [Bandidos Motorcycle Club] members conducted a drive by shooting at the home of a rival MC [motorcycle club] member,” the application for a search warrant said.

It also said in May 2023, a Bandidos member was assaulted by a Mongols Motorcycle Club Member in Plainview.

The application for a warrant accused the Bandidos of running a criminal enterprise of violence, kidnapping and murder to expand the motorcycle gang’s power and territory.

The warrant said the Mongols established a public presence in Albuquerque “in open defiance” of the Bandidos. The warrant then said “almost immediately” the Bandidos told the Mongols to cease and desist in New Mexico or face an all-out war.

The warrant then listed out 21 acts of violence including deadly shootings in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The warrant indicated 11 deaths in the violence mostly in the form of shootings, but there was also a deadly case of someone getting run off the road.

The Lubbock case resulted in search warrants at two homes. Two men were arrested, and officials tied the rivalry to shootings at public places such as a game room and sports grill in the 5000 block of 50th Street.

The warrant said the persons targeted for investigation have been “the most aggressive proponents of violent conflict.”