LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock resident walked in to a local convenience store, The Lucky Mart, and walked out with $1 million more than he came in with.

The winner is choosing to remain anonymous but the Lucky Mart is perfectly named for the winning tickets that they seem to have a knack for selling. The store even sports an entire wall of winning cards.

The winning ticket sold in recent weeks and came from a $30 Cash Celebration scratch-off game. The $1 million being the game’s top prize.

“People have been calling me, the banks are calling me, saying ‘Why are you hiding that million dollar ticket?’ and, I don’t know where would I hide it?  But whoever got it is a lucky person. Right place at the right time,” said Lucky Mart Manager, Sanjay Parekh.

This convenience store is now seen as a good fortune since the winning ticket was sold there, and has been a hot spot to stop at.

But Parekh says even when customers lose, it doesn’t deter them.

“People are so friendly here and whenever they win they come and play again and again. The people like the store and the customers we have here are the most important,” said Parekh.

And the employees selling the cards, always wishing buyers the best.

“I see a lot of customers buy these tickets and I say ‘Good luck!’ to them,” said Lucky Mart employee, Jessica Rodriguez.

Parekh says the Lucky Mart gives away $3,000 to $4,000 in winnings a day. And for the one lucky resident who played the Cash Celebration game, the odds of winning any prize in that game – including just one dollar – are around 1 and 4.