LUBBOCK, Texas – The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra partnered with, state of the art technology that grants audience access to on-demand concert streaming. The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra would be the first symphonic orchestra in the U.S to implement artificial technology in their experience. 

“Normally, for a traditional video production there is quite a big team that is involved, it’s up to 15 people for symphony concert productions and with our technology it is literally just a server that does all of the job,” said Jakub Fiebig, CEO and co-founder of

The team behind set up their technology for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra to use in their concert this weekend. 

“This is the first time in the world that a symphony orchestra is going to use our technology to create video production that is fully automated,” said Fiebig. 

The technology works at the touch of a button, recording the most captivating moments of a concert all without a production team of operators and producers. 

“Behind the scenes, there is a server that is super smart with all of our technology which actually is able to follow the music in real time,” said Fiebig, “the beauty of classical music is that every single time you listen, even to the same piece, it’s a little bit different because of the interpretation and our technology is able to follow that in real time.” hopes that through their technology they’re able to help concert organizers make their content available globally while saving money. 

“You are able as a promoter to record every single concert happening at your venue without increasing the costs. Now you don’t have to pick which of the concerts are actually worth recording, it can simply record every single concert and make it available to everybody,” said Fiebig. is working to change the way music is shared and streamed forever. 

“I always wanted to do something disruptive for the industry which is a little bit behind when it comes to technologies when you compare it to other industries,” said Fiebig, “So I guess that I was always fascinated by the possibilities that technologies can bring for us and by this by sharing music with the world we can just make the world a better place.”

The Lubbock Symphony Orchestra will be putting to the test in their concert on Saturday, April 23, at the Buddy Holly hall.