LUBBOCK, TX — For over 75 years the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra has brought musicians from all over Lubbock together.

“It’s something that they can’t just put aside. It’s in your heart and your soul,” said President and CEO of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra, Galen Wixson. 

But this year, because of COVID-19 they have had to postpone their concert season until January.

“I think right now we are really just trying to get our feet under us and get through this shaky period,” said Wixson. 

They are planning to take extra safety precautions for when they restart their season.

There will be temperature checks, a limited audience and number of performers to maintain social distancing, and choir singers will be moved off stage to control potential germ spreading.

And while they thought about moving their concerts online, because of the nature of music, they haven’t been able to due to internet lag.

“We are a profession of microseconds if we can’t come in a little late or else everything else gets thrown off,” said Wixson. 

But for some musicians, playing without an audience has been challenging.

“It is extremely frustrating. We can’t really connect with an audience if there’s no audience. This is something I have never imagined we would be going through,” said violinist Bruno Lunkes.

But for the many orchestra members, they miss being able to play together. 

“It really enriches me and makes me learn a lot of new things. It was just so good for mymusical well being,” said violinist Ariya Tai.

For concertmaster Annie Chalex Boyle, January can’t come soon enough. 

“Probably our first concerts are going to be on the smaller side with few people on the stage but oh — I’ll take even a handful. That would be just wonderful,” said Chalex Boyle.

While the orchestra is looking forward to getting back on stage, safety comes first. 

“We really are anxious to get out there and play again. We are just all itching to get out but not at the sacrifice of safety,” said Wixson. 

For those missing the music from the orchestra they are currently running a virtual concert series where a couple musicians play some music individually followed by a question and answer. All links to those concerts on the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page.