LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock teen was indicted on Tuesday after a report from the Lubbock Police Department accused him of going on a live stream and displaying a gun outside Cavazos Middle School on November 3.

Xavier Olivarez, 18, was indicted for charges of Exhibiting Firearms on Campus or School Bus and making a Terroristic Threat Against a Public Servant.

According to a police report, witnesses said Olivarez and a student from Coronado High School were “on a live stream on a social media platform, and were displaying that they were outside a school exhibiting a firearm…”

The report also stated, “[An administrator] did place the school on a lockdown until LISD PD arrived.” Officials later clarified it was not a lockdown but rather a different security procedure.

“The school [safety protocol] was lifted and all students were release safely to all parents,” the police report said.

When Cavazos Middle School administrators were made aware of the report that an outside person made an individual threat against a student, they acted quickly to ensure the safety of all students and staff. Lubbock ISD Police were notified and responded to assist with student dismissal as an additional safety precaution. The campus was placed on a HOLD protocol to keep students and staff inside the building until law enforcement arrived. Further investigation of the incident revealed the violator was not on the campus with the weapon and an arrest has been made due to the individual threat of violence on school property. Lubbock ISD has a zero tolerance policy of a weapon on school grounds and thoroughly investigates any report of a threat or violation of this policy.

Cavazos Middle School families were notified of this situation in the spirit of trust and transparency, and to assure them the campus was not in danger. The intent was not to alarm, but to assure them Lubbock ISD takes these situations seriously and has established protocols in place to address them. Lubbock ISD administrators, educators, and staff regard safety as our highest priority and take every necessary precaution to ensure the safest environment possible for our students and families.

Lubbock Independent School District

As of Tuesday, Olivarez was held at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $55,000. Due to age, officials have not released information about the juvenile that was involved.