LUBBOCK, Texas – In late August, all three members of the Arredondo family tested positive for COVID-19, including their 17-year-old son, Zechariah.

“In two weeks, he was completely cleared of any kind of symptons at all,” said Rachelle Arredondo, Zechariah’s mother.

About a month later, the Coronado High School student got severely sick. He was vomiting with constant diarrhea and had a fever of 103 degrees.

“I knew something really wasn’t right,” said Arredondo.

On October 3, Zechariah was rushed to University Medical Center as his condition worsened.

“I was laying there and it felt like I was falling,” said Zechariah. “At one point, I thought I was dead.”

Zechariah began to suffer from heart failure and was placed in the intensive care unit for five days.

Doctors eventually discovered that Zechariah was facing Multi Inflammatory Syndrome, also known as MIS-C. According to the Centers for Disease Control, MIS-C is a rare sickness found in children under the age of 18, about two and a half weeks after they initially contracted COVID-19.

“Every single organ had inflammation in it,” said Arredondo. “They were all enlarged so the heart stopped because the heart couldn’t pump right.”

According the Arredondos, doctors informed them that Zechariah’s MIS-C was the first case discovered on the South Plains.

“It’s kind of like a worst case scenario,” said Zechariah.

After being in intensive care, Zechariah survived MIS-C and has now returned to virtual learning. Arredondo said her son’s survival was a “true miracle.”

“Without the prayer warriors and intercessors, I don’t think he could’ve made it,” said Arredondo.