Lubbock tenant and landlord dispute escalates

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LUBBOCK, Texas – A dispute between a Lubbock tenant and her property manager continues for another week.

In July, Dusty Friday moved into a rental home located on 47th Street in Central Lubbock.

According to Friday, she signed an agreement with the property management company that would lower her monthly rent if she picked up the expenses for necessary repairs.

As time went on, Friday said conditions got worse. Plumbing issues, leaking pipes, foundational cracks, exterior defects, and possibly mold were just a few of the problems that became a burden and affected her family’s health, she said.

“The doctor at the ER said we have sinus infections, ear infections,” Friday said.

The property management company says Friday’s home isn’t in code violation, and they have worked with the city to complete repairs.

The following is their full statement:

“After multiple repairs at our expense, Dusty was not happy with the time it took to coordinate these issues. The rotted wood among other things were present before Dusty moved into the home, but was aware of them. Dusty called the city code enforcement to inspect her home and did not find an issues to deem it uninhabitable. The issues still needing repair are cosmetic and are on the schedule to be addressed. In regards to the filth inside the home, Dusty agreed to clean it prior to moving in and has not done so.”

Friday said she doesn’t know exactly what to do at this point, but she is worried about her and daughter’s safety.

“My daughter being my number one concern, she’s sick,” Friday said. “I’m afraid she’s gonna get worse and I know that living in an unsanitary home can kill you.”

The property manager said due to Friday’s home following code standards, there is no need to terminate the lease agreement.

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