LUBBOCK, Texas — About a month ago, the City of Lubbock announced plans for bathroom renovations to be completed over a period of several years as part of a big master plan. Now, with funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the city is pushing for bathroom renovations and restorations sooner than expected.

“Through the new ARPA funding, we were able to come to the City Council with seven different projects that we really thought would be beneficial towards the city and the community as a whole,” said Kalee Robinson, Development Manager for the city’s Parks and Recreation department. “And we know that our restrooms are at the top of that priority list.”

Out of 35 park bathrooms, 5 are set for complete replacements, one of those being the restrooms in Maxey Park. 

“That process is going to go through what it takes to tear those restrooms down that currently exist there,” Robinson said. “Take them out and basically rebuild.”

Seven of the 35 bathrooms will be renovated.  

“Whether that’s just some paint refreshing of the fixtures and things along those lines to really [bring] all of our restrooms throughout our park system back up to the level that is completely acceptable by our standards,” said Robinson. 

The city additionally plans on placing the curtains in the doors of the Maxey park bathroom stalls for temporary privacy before the bathroom is torn down. 

The wait for the master plan is over as the city is now in the developmental phase of the bathroom updates. 

“It’s just a matter of getting the right company in place and kind of going through the motions of the teardown and what all that’s going to take,” said Robinson.