LUBBOCK, Texas — Russell Butler is a UPS driver who recently took his love of dancing to TikTok in order to spread positivity during these times.

“My mission in this life is to be kind of a light in a dark place,” said Butler, “so going forward, if I can continue to make people smile, laugh and enjoy their day, then right on.”

After posting a couple of videos, he gained the attention of many and now has over 50,000 followers.

“I posted the Vanilla Ice video, and it ended up getting 2.3 million hits, and so I was like, OK maybe this is something.”

Butler said he owes it all to faith, family and friends who encouraged him to create this platform after overcoming obstacles in his own life.

“I went through kind of a dark time in my life too. I actually wrote a book about depression and lost a good friend to suicide, so my faith has always been my stronghold for sure and my family,” said Butler.

After learning to dance from watching his two older brothers and icons like Michael Jackson, his smooth moves have created smiles everywhere.

“Those are my favorite comments, like ‘Hey, you made my day, you made me smile,’ that was the whole intent behind it,” said Butler.

He hopes to continue using this platform for that exact reason, and for those joking about this delaying their packages, he ensures us your packages are his first priority.

“I only do this when I know I have time, so if I know my day will allow it, that’s when I’ll do it,” said Butler. “The videos, I think, take maybe two minutes to make, so I make sure I get my packages delivered on time.”