LUBBOCK, Texas – A Lubbock disabled U.S Marine Veteran, Jason Lilley, and his family are getting a mortgage-free home thanks to the generosity of West Texas Hero Homes.

Chairman Keith Toogood said at the groundbreaking ceremony Monday that selecting the family was an easy decision.

“He was on the front lines of 9/11, that’s an amazing thing that he did. So that was one of the major things, he’s just been through it,” Toogood said. “Five knee replacements and thirty plus surgeries trying to get his leg back, and it came through serving us. So, I think it’s time to serve them back.”

The families French Country Style Traditional four-bedroom home will be wheelchair accessible.

Jason said this takes stress off his family.

“They are just building a home that works for us and it’s just been so comforting to see so many people who have so many ideas and care so much,” Jason said. “You guys are coming out for us, it’s pretty amazing.”

Jason’s wife Michelle Lilley echoed his sentiments by emphasizing the significance of the accessible home for their family’s future.

“For me the houses meaning freedom for him which I think is probably like the biggest blessing of all,” Michelle said. “As he gets older, things get harder. So the freedom of having an accessible home in my eyes the biggest blessing.”

West Texas Home Builders Association Vice President Tyson Reed said being a part of this project has been special.

“I’ve built for Veterans before, not to this magnitude. So, this is a totally different process,” Reed said. “There is going to be lots of volunteers, lots of people across the community that are going to get to step up and be involved to donate their time, their money and labor to be a part.”

“This just solidifies how amazing our community is. You know going into the Marines you go in expecting something in return but when something happens like this. This gift is just amazing,” Jason said.

The Lilley’s new home will also be a part of the 2024 Parade of Homes.