Lubbock veteran puts up 10-foot inflatable ‘baby Trump’ ahead of election

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LUBBOCK, Texas – One local veteran placed a 10-foot Donald Trump inflatable outside his home.

The inflatable depicts Donald Trump as a baby in a diaper holding a phone on Twitter. There’s also a sign in front of the inflatable that said, “the only baby that belongs in a cage,” referring to the president.

Zachary Carrizales, the veteran who put up the inflatable, said he was inspired by the giant baby Donald Trump inflatable that was flown in protest during Donald Trump’s official visit to the United Kingdom. Carrizales said the inflatable sat in his garage for a month before he decided to put it up.

“I just thought it was finally time to put it up, because tomorrow is Election Day,” he said.

Carrizales said this is one of the most important elections in his life.

“I just wanted people to know how I felt about [the election],” he said.

Carrizales said he’s not a Democrat and that this election, for him, is not about political parties.

“It’s not that I hate him because he’s a Republican. I just despise him as a human being, and he’s just a horrible person,” he said. “Four more years in office we are going to have a generation of kids who think it’s normal to bully people [and] think it’s just normal to be racist.”

Cole Shooter, President of the Lubbock County Republican Party, said although his party does not agree with the inflatable, people have a right to free speech.

“One of the greatest joys of free speech is being able to lampoon politicians,” he said.

Shooter also suggested an alternate use for the inflatable if Trump wins a second term.

“Perhaps after President Trump wins the election tomorrow night, the owners could paint it red, put a beard on it and have a Santa Trump in their yard to ring in the Christmas season,” he said.

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