Lubbock veteran works Veterans Day: The one year anniversary of his business

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LUBBOCK, Texas — One Lubbock veteran and business owner worked on Veterans Day, the one year anniversary of his business, and reflected on his years of service.

Thirty-one-year-old Michael Wooton, veteran and owner of Freshcoat Paint, served four years of active duty in the army, deployed twice to Iraq and later joined the National Guard for three years.

He said joining the military was something he felt called to do from a young age.

“Keeping the family tradition alive,” he said, “My uncle is army of 33 years my grandfather was Air Force of 25 years, plus seeing 9/11 really helped me make my decision early.”

Wooton said joining the military was a decision that helped him grow and shed new some new light on life. He said it was an experience he never expected.

“Being in infantry, you see a lot of what most people don’t,” he said, “I do suffer from PTSD, and it is hard sometimes, but again that driving factor just keeps me going.”

Wooton said his career in the military helped prepare him to start his paint business. He credits the Lubbock community for supporting his business during its first year.

“The Lubbock community has been very welcoming, and they really helped embrace our ideals, he said ” [They] really helped us through especially through COVID.”

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