Rosa Linda Serna, 33, of Lubbock was arrested Tuesday morning by Lubbock Police.  A warrant for her arrest accused her of enticement of a child.  

Lubbock Police were called to the 3200 block of Erskine Street on March 1.  Police were told that a woman showed up at a school (during an after-school program) claiming to be the mother of two children.  The arrest warrant said the woman took the kids and ran away from the school “holding [the] children by [their] arms.”

Someone from the school had already called the dad, because they could not confirm the woman’s claims.  

The dad was on his way to the school and saw her.  He confronted her, and, according to the warrant, said, “What the hell are you doing with my kids?”

The warrant said she referred to herself multiple times as “Beauty.”

The father got his children back.  But then, the woman followed him and the kids back to their house.  The father called police, and the woman left. 

Police identified the woman as Serna and made contact with her by phone.  She chose not to talk without an attorney. 

The warrant said not only did the dad contact police, but Serna did too.

A 9-1-1 call from Serna was recorded and “throughout this call, it is apparent that Rosa [Serna] is confused, and it is difficult to understand her communication.”

The children were interviewed after the incident, and said they had never seen Serna before.  

One of the kids told police “She said she was my mom … [and] told us to dance.”

Serna’s bond was not yet listed Tuesday in jail records.  The recommended bond was $25,000 according to court records.  Court records indicated the charge was a class B misdemeanor.  

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