LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock woman went all out to decorate her house for Halloween for the last 16 years but is now selling all her decorations.

Dee Paone has created her own “Nightmare before Christmas” since 2006.

“This is a creation that has happened over the last 16 years,” Paone said. She said this started off with making her own props and costumes.

“…Over the years, you buy things you store them, and you keep adding and adding until till you get this,” Paone said.

She said this was her last year of decorating and hosting her annual “Paone Boo Bash.”

“I think I’m done. I think I’m ready to retire. It’s been great. But sometimes it’s time to close one door, ” Paone said.

Paone said it takes her about a month to decorate all on her own and she always plans ahead the following year.

“The summer before [the] Halloween party. I’ve already planned a theme. I’m already getting ideas for costumes.” Paone said. “So that after a Halloween party, we wait till November 1 where everything goes on sale,”

As the 2022 Halloween season ends, she said she feels bittersweet.

“There’s about six props that I will not get rid of the two skeletons in the back outside the huge ones. This lady right here. This one right here. And then there’s a few in the doll room and the vampire in the den. You can’t find those anymore,” Paone said.

Paone told that she has created some of the spookiest memories of a lifetime and they will live on forever.

“Now my kids have already said please don’t sell this, or that. I mean, they’ve said I would like to have that. And I asked why,” Paone said. “And they say well, maybe one day, we’ll do this with our families. So definitely memories were made here. Not haunted memories, but just fun.”

Paone said she will put all of her decorations on sale after Halloween.