LUBBOCK, Texas– A Lubbock woman could face five to 20 years in prison after court records said she accepted a plea deal on Wednesday for receipt and distribution of child pornography.

According to a criminal complaint, a family member discovered sexually explicit messages on the Facebook account of Jessica Roxanne Wheeler, 34. The complaint said Wheeler sent child pornography to her husband who lived in Kentucky.

The FBI was told about the incident and found 45 images of an underage girl – more specifically a 13-year-old girl — contained in Facebook messages between Wheeler and her husband. The complaint described the images in graphic detail.

In June 2020, Jessica and her husband would discuss sexual acts she would have to perform with the minor, according to court records.

Edward told Jessica that she needed to have sex with the minor to make their “enhancers” work properly. The “enhancers” were some sort of supplement Edward was telling Jessica and the minor to take, and they were activated and stimulated through sexual activity, according to court records.

Edward discussed impregnating the minor in order to sell the baby to a European agency that would perform tests on the baby every four months for 18 years, court records state. Jessica told the minor about the offer, and she told Edward the minor was considering it.

However, the agency the couple discussed in the messages did not really exist, according to court records.

Edward described photos he wanted Jessica to take of the minor, including full-body nude images.

Jessica admitted to investigators that she knew she distributed child pornography to Edward, court records state.

A search warrant turned up a letter Edward wrote to the underage girl.

It said, “I hope you get this letter, but I want you to know I am sorry. Please forgive me if you can, but if not, I understand. I never meant to hurt you.”

If the federal court accepts her plea deal, Jessica could face prison time for a period of not less than five years, nor more than 20 years, according to court records. She will also have to pay a fine not to exceed $250,000. She will be sentenced at a later date.

Jessica has remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center since June 25. Court records also indicated charges were pending against her husband, Edward Wheeler. Those charges were transferred from federal court in Kentucky to Lubbock.

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