LUBBOCK, Texas– A Lubbock woman asked for the public’s help locating her dog, Cash, who was last seen on Monday, July 3.

Georgia Benavides told on Saturday she’s had Cash for the last four years, and he became an integral part of her family after her son passed away in 2021.

Benavides said it was a “tough time” and Cash was “there for everyone.”

According to Benavides, Cash was last seen when he went outside to use the bathroom and said in social media post she “was sure someone [had] him.”

She also said she worries so much about him due to the summer’s triple-digit temperatures.

Benavides told “it’s different without him,” and she “just wants [her] dog back”

If you or anyone has any information that could help locate Cash, call Georgia Benavides at (806) 445-9115.