LUBBOCK, Texas — A social media video of a street fight during the 4th on Broadway Parade sparked more than 200,000 views.  It showed punches thrown and kids getting trampled.  

A police report listed Savana Pena as the victim.  Pena talked on camera Tuesday to KLBK and  

Pena was the woman seen in the video getting pushed around.  

“We were there at 7:30 That morning, because we hear on the news, get here early, bring your lawn chairs, because it does get crowded,” she said. 

Pena said people were instructed to scoot back from a white line. 

“And nobody was listening. So there was no way I could get the kids out of the road,” she said. 

Pena went to get an officer for help, but that officer was too busy trying to keep control of another section of the crowd.

Pena decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I was like, ‘Hey, can everybody scoot back, get back get back?’ That one family, I guess, felt like we were only speaking to them,” Pena said. “So, that’s when there was a lot of confrontation going on.”

Other parade-goers tried to break the fight up.

After a few minutes, things calmed down and both families decided to leave.

“She waited in the parking lot and attacked me and my family again,” Pena said. 

A police report said there was an argument over candy but the victim, Pena, and her family “left the scene to defuse the situation.”  But later, a person from the argument approached in a vehicle and struck the victim, according to the police report.  The report said Pena suffered scratched and minor road rash from getting hit by a vehicle.

“She reversed, drove back and hit us — pushed me back with her car,” Pena said.  

“But if she would have been going about 10 more miles [an hour], I would have went under because of course I’m shorter,” Pena said. Pena referenced her small physical size as being a factor for being in danger. 

Pena then said the woman drove off.

“I’d want to let the family know that I’m not mad at them,” Pena said. “I mean, my family, I’m not mad at them. Things happen. And I just wish it would have happened a different way.”