LUBBOCK, Texas —  4th on Broadway is back! Crew members were working non-stop Thursday to set up for  Saturday’s festivities. 

4th on Broadway Event Director, Clair Smith, said they’re excited to roll out the next steps. 

“We’re getting stages up, tents set up, and inflatables for the kids area,” Smith said. “So, it is really exciting to see it all get put together.” 

The overcast day threatens to create mud in the area. However, despite the off and on showers of the week, the event setup is running on-schedule. Smith said they are keeping a close eye on the weather. 

“We’ve been watching how it’s all been playing out and everything,” Smith said. “But we are setting up as planned. It hasn’t set us back at all and we’re just praying for good weather this weekend.” 

The city and surrounding areas have gotten a lot of downpour lately. But there are no current plans to postpone any parts of the event. 

The event’s Production Assistant, Katie Sandifer, said there is another update people can look forward to; they just confirmed a special guest for the parade. 

“The parade marshall this year is Lisa Davis, wife of Mac Davis,” Sandifer said.”It’s her first time being Grand Marshall and we’re so excited to have her here.” 

The theme for the event this year, ‘let freedom sing,’ means a lot to the event this year because people have been looking forward to enjoying live music again. Lisa Davis will be apart of the events chance to celebrate coming together  

“It goes great with ‘let freedom sing’ and she just loves Lubbock,” Sandifer said.  

They’re also sticking with tradition –the parade route is not changing. 

The parade will begin at Avenue M and Broadway, head east down Broadway, turn north onto Canyon Lake Drive and go into Mackenzie Park, turn onto Cesar E Chavez and end at Joyland Amusement Park.