Note: The video above reflects the top news headlines from the morning of November 17, 2023.

LUBBOCK, Texas — Average gas prices in Lubbock dropped slightly the week before Thanksgiving, according to AAA.

AAA said average gas prices in the Hub City were sitting at $2.84 per gallon and dropped to $2.794 as of Friday. The prices came as a relief from average prices in mid-October, which sat at $3.229, according to AAA.

Compared to other metro areas in Texas, Lubbock’s average gas prices sat right in the middle. College Station-Bryan had one of the highest current averages on Friday at $2.974 per gallon. Friday’s lowest average was in Tyler for $2.673 per gallon, according to AAA.

AAA Texas previously said approximately four million Texans were expected to travel for Thanksgiving in 2023. Nationally, this Thanksgiving was expected to be the third busiest holiday stretch that AAA has reported on record.