LUBBOCK, Texas — The new and improved Texas Roadhouse in Lubbock officially opened on Wednesday, and it’s the biggest location in the world, the restaurant told

Texas Roadhouse has over 500 locations in 49 states.

“It’s bigger than the one we had before, it’s frankly the largest Texas Roadhouse in the world right now,” Mike Smith, managing partner at Texas Roadhouse Lubbock, said.

The original Texas Roadhouse off of South Loop 289 was there for over 20 years.

“We kind of used it up. We kind of ran out of space we couldn’t grow anymore. We’re out of parking and out of grill space out of seat space,” Smith said.

Smith said the new Texas Roadhouse has over 200 parking spaces, 20% more seating, and more ability to cook.

“We do have a new waiting area… It’s bigger than what we’ve ever had before.” Smith said.

For wait times, you can join ahead on the website or app.

“Then come in, you know two hours after you put on the wait list when you have something else to go, do and run some errands and then come and have dinner with us,” Phillip Rice, Senior service manager at Texas Roadhouse, said.

Smith said the plan is to eventually have more locations, but they want to make sure this location will operate better at a higher level.

“As a native Lubbock, I can say that I built the biggest damn Texas Roadhouse in the world,” Smith said.

You can visit their website here.