Lubbock’s Prom Queen event provides free prom dresses to high schoolers

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The lights, music and dresses are essential parts of the high school prom experience. But as prom can quickly become pricey, for some students, it is out of reach.

“You can find a dress that’s very cheap and very pretty, but you can also find one that you love that’s very expensive,” said one of the Prom Queen Event Organizers, Avery Horn.

Thanks to the Lubbock Dream Center’s Prom Queen event, for over 100 students this year, their night on the dance floor isn’t so far away.

“It means a lot, I know, to those girls who get the dresses, but it also means a lot to us cause we get to help them and meet them and know them,” said Horn.

Each year the Lubbock Dream Center’s Prom Queen event allows high school students to shop and take home donated prom dresses for absolutely free.

Last year the event, like many proms, was canceled, so it meant all the more to bring it back.

“Girls come together, and we just hype each other up, and we say ‘Oh my gosh! That color looks so good on you! That dress looks good on you!’” And ‘We are going to have so much fun hanging out!’, and just letting go of all the stress and stuff. You’re just going to prom with your friends, and you enjoy it. It’s a really cool thing,” said Horn.

For the shoppers finding a dress is one less thing to worry about.

“Once you get a dress it’s very much like ‘I get to go to prom, and now I can decide how I do my hair and how I do my makeup. Once they get a dress they are like, ‘This is exciting, I’m going to get to go to prom!’. Especially this year cause I actually get to go to prom in the dress that I want,” Alynn Kitten, one of the Prom Queen Event Organizers.

For the organizers, having the event this year means even more.

“After you do it, you’re like ‘I want to do this every single year! It’s so much fun’,” said Kitten.

With dresses out of the way and prom right around the corner, students can focus on what matters.

“Everybody just kind of gets closer together because we are all having fun. We are all dancing together, and you just want to experience it all together and just have fun together,” said Horn.

The Dream Center Prom Queen had 2,000 dresses this year but said it can always use more donations of dresses, shoes, and jewelry for next year. You can drop donations off at The Dream Center on 30th street.

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