LUBBOCK, Texas – Lubbock voters approved a “sanctuary city for the unborn” proposition in the early voting results of the May 1 election.

The proposition won 62.46% to 37.54% on Saturday evening in final official results.

The proposition creates an ordinance outlawing abortion within the City of Lubbock.

The ordinance recognizes that because of federal case law, stopping all abortion in Lubbock may not be legally possible. Critics have said the ordinance is both unenforceable and a violation of the Texas constitution – even before the landmark court case Roe v Wade is considered.

The city council rejected the sanctuary city ordinance. But backers were able to gather enough signatures to have a valid referendum. The city council then scheduled it for a May 1 vote by the public.

In early voting 25,684 cast ballots in Lubbock County. Another 8,772 voted in election day countywide. Early voting was April 19 through Tuesday, April 27.

Not all of those voters live inside the city limits, and therefore not all would have cast a ballot on the Proposition A.

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