LUBBOCK, Texas — Lubbock job market is going down in unemployment numbers, according to Workforce Solutions South Plains. The group said there were plenty of jobs hiring in the Hub City. In December 2021, Workforce Solutions said the job market rate was at 3.3% and in December 2022, that number has decreased and now sits at 2.9%.

Danny Soliz, the Director of Business Development at Workforce Solutions South Plains, said the hiring peak season is in December and January.

“Anytime you go through a holiday, and you see retail, putting all the sales up. You know, they’re always looking for people, and then through January, they keep people to do their annual inventories after the Christmas rush,” Soliz said.

One of the larger employers in the South Plains is the United Family, and they are one of several retailers who are always hiring.

“We have multiple locations with multiple different types of jobs that we offer. So, I feel like we have a lot to give as far as providing job opportunities to the community,” Shannon Miller, Executive Vice President of talent management for the United Family, said.

Soliz said Lubbock, Midland Odessa and San Angelo all have about the same rate of 2.9%.

“We service 15 counties in Lubbock, but in Lubbock right now, employment, it’s 163,831. That’s employed. That was in December. The unemployment is at 4821. Nearly 5000 that are not employed that are looking for work,” Soliz said.

“I like to see people go to work. They need to be self-dependent. Hopefully someone that comes out will get hired. If you can help one person out of ten, that’s a success,” Soliz said.

You can visit the Workforce Solutions South Plains here.

You can check out The United Family here.