LUBBOCK, Texas — As of Friday, the Powerball Jackpot prize was at $1.6 Billion, one of the largest in history. On the South Plains, we had our share of lottery winners.

Big pay days changed a lot for a few people across the Lubbock area.

Three winning tickets were sold in West Texas over the past 20 years. There were ten South Plains residents that won jackpots.

Here’s a breakdown of those winners:

  • In 2002, a truck driver, Allen Wilhite, was driving back home from Dallas and stopped in Merkel, TX. He spent $5 on lottery tickets and before he knew it, he was the winner of the $9 Million Jackpot. Wilhite choose the cash option and used $5,089,574 to pay off his house and car.
  • In 2006, a group of women who worked together decided to start an office pool. One of the six claimed she saw the winning numbers in her dreams, causing her to have sleepless nights but turned into a big win for the group. The women used their portion on things like traveling, shopping, building a new house and just having a better life. Although another coworker took the women to court as she claimed that she told the group she wanted a ticket but never got a win in court.
  • In 2017, a couple from Abernathy won $177 Million. It all started by stopping at a Valero gas station in Arkansas. The couple decided to share their winnings with their local church before moving East.
  • In 2021, a Lubbockite won $3 Million off a ticket purchased from the Stripes on 98th street. This winner has stayed anonymous till this day.

The next drawing was scheduled for Saturday night.