LUBBOCK, Texas – A new unique golf experience is set to tee off next summer in the hub city. Red Feather Golf and Social Club is currently in the process of construction, hoping to provide its members with a laid back, luxury experience.

“Brad Ralston, the owner of red feather and the founder really wanted to make it this cool, unique experience where you feel like you’re just out here to have a good time. So there’s going to be a pool with a lazy river concept and there’ll be a spa part to it,” said JJ Killeen, President of Red Feather Golf and Social Club. 

The private club offers a wide array of amenities from pickleball courts, to 18 golf holes across approximately 135 acres. 

“Cameron West is kind of our executive chef who’s putting together the menu, so great food but if you want to wear your bathing suit and flip flops after you go to the pool and play golf, you’re able to do that here,” said Killeen.  

Membership options at the club are limited and range in initiation prices from $2,500 to $50,000. 

“There’s all sorts of categories from just a social membership which isn’t golf but you can use the spa, the pool, tennis that sort of deal in the main clubhouse all the way into something called a Legacy memberships which is a vertical type membership. So really, there’s quite a few options,” said Killeen. 

The location hopes it will eventually be able to host national events as it grows.  

“We just wanted to have something in the area where Lubbock is growing, that’s something for us to be proud of and also something that’s just a phenomenal experience all the time to go out and enjoy,” said Killeen.

The private club is set to open Summer 2023 on 146th st, Quaker Ave, for more information you can visit their website here.