KANSAS CITY, Missouri— On Tuesday, Patrick Mahomes participated in a film study with Myka Eilers, 14, from the Make a Wish Foundation. Eilers was able to sign a contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to the Chiefs, Eilers is a quarterback for her flag football team in California. She has a dream of being the first female athlete in the NFL, and meeting Mahomes was something she has always wanted to do.

“Myka learned the news on Sunday,” the Chiefs said. “Three days later, she was in Kansas City spending the afternoon with the Chiefs’ starting quarterback. She watched practice, helped break down the huddle and got fitted for equipment before sitting down for her film session with Mahomes, marking the continuation of a day full of surprises.”

During Eilers visit to the Chiefs’ indoor practice facility, she threw passes to Mahomes and switched roles with the star quarterback. The day ended in tears of joy for Eilers, along with signing a contract with the franchise.

“Myka’s strength was rewarded with an opportunity to meet her hero, but as it turned out, Mahomes was just as eager to meet her.”