LUBBOCK, Texas– After a judge lowered a bond for Robert Baker, 34, on Tuesday he was able to post bond on Wednesday. Baker is charged with gunning down a man in the parking lot of Market Street, 4425 19th Street.

Baker later admitted to police he did not know the man he shot and killed, Jason Holloway, 44.

Baker admitted to shooting Holloway while he was unloading groceries into his car and getting ready to leave Market Street. Baker then admitted that he then drove to the nearby United Express gas station and fired shots into the building. He admitted he then drove to Covenant Medical Center where he fired shots into his own vehicle.

Baker was arrested by an off-duty police officer at Covenant.

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Baker’s bond for murder was set at $350,000. His family posted bond on November 13.

However, prosecutors added an aggravated assault charge before the jail staff could release Baker.

On Monday, Baker’s attorney, Dan Hurley, asked State District Judge John “Trey” McClendon to lower bond on the aggravated assault charge. On Tuesday, jail records showed the bond was lowered to $15,000.

Baker had no criminal record prior to the shooting. His family promised that if he was released, he would be provided with mental health treatment and 24/7 supervision. reached out to Hurley for a comment after Baker posted bail on Wednesday.

“Robert [Baker] will be under house arrest. We’re gonna begin trying to find out why he had this mental breakdown and learn as much as we can with experts as soon we can.”

Baker was officially released from jail at 4:30 p.m.