LUBBOCK, Texas — Thomas Boukamp was offered a plea deal with a sentence range of 15-to-30 years in prison, according to a memorandum opinion filed Monday.

Boukamp, 22, was accused of cyberstalking a 14-year-old Lubbock girl and kidnapping her in November 2020. According to court records, Boukamp threatened to kill the victim in Discord messages between them.

The memorandum opinion and order was filed to support a May 3 decision to declare Boukamp competent to stand trial. Two days after the decision, on May 5, a federal magistrate judge ruled Boukamp could fire his lawyers and represent himself.

In the order, U.S. District Judge James Wesley Hendrix said Boukamp understood the nature and consequences of going to trial over taking a plea deal.

Between May 16 and May 27, Boukamp filed several motions that were ultimately denied. These included “Motion to preserve America and uphold the Constitution,” where Boukamp said he was “a man in turmoil, a visionary hated by the narrow-minded,” as well as “a lover, a sculptor, a performance artist, ridiculed and hated by evildoing bureaucrats of a failing empire that has lost its way.”


The trial was scheduled to begin June 14.