Lubbock Police arrested Xavier Garcia, 20, of Lubbock Thursday at about 2:20 a.m. for aggravated assault and other charges.

Police were called to the 4800 block of 13th Street for a domestic disturbance.  A police report said when police arrived, Xavier ran.  An officer fired a taser at Garcia but missed.  The officer eventually caught up to Xavier and arrested him at gunpoint.

Officers then talked to three people including the victim.  She said Garcia put the barrel of a gun in her mouth.

“[The victim] advised [Garcia] raised the handgun and pointed it at her,” a police report said.  “[The victim] advised [Garcia] then came closer to her and placed the barrel of the handgun in her mouth.”

Police found a replica gun on the sidewalk in front of the residence that officers believe Garcia had before he ran off.  The victim believed the gun was real, and a man at the residence believed Garcia was “in possession of a firearm in his residence.”

The third person that police talked to, according to the police report, said Garcia threatened “that if she called the cops, he [Garcia] would kill her.”

Garcia was held Friday on bonds totaling more than $66,000.