LUBBOCK, Texas— The Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office arrested Julius Douglas, 27, for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday.

LCSO deputies reported to a shots-fired call. A woman had been shot, and she told officers to look for a white four-door car, according to court documents. The woman told deputies the driver stopped and approached her. Deputies also talked to a second witness who was able tell them which way the car went.

Deputies talked to Douglas, who stated he was high on drugs the night of the shooting and was not the suspect.

“Douglas went on to advise he let a guy by the name of Benjamin Wheeler borrow his car after Benjamin provided him with some money and drugs,” official records said.

As of Wednesday, Douglas’ bond was set at $125,000.

Parts of the arrest warrant were edited out. The portions provided to gave no clear answer to why the shooting happened. The arrest warrant only stated Douglas drove up to the victim’s car, got out, shot her, and drove away.