Dacorious Tyquis Mooreing, 21, pleaded guilty Thursday in an attempted aggravating kidnapping case.  Mooreing was accused of abducting a Texas Tech student at gunpoint on the campus in late 2015.

Mooreing agreed to serve a 25-year prison sentence as part of the guilty plea. 

The male victim was forced to drive around with Mooreing and a second suspect who has not been positively identified yet by law enforcement.

Prosecutors said Mooreing and the other suspect tried to kidnap another person as well.  The victim and the would-be second victim were able to get away.

Police were able to tie Mooreing to the case after a Crime Line tip.  Officials said Mooreing confessed to being involved.

Mooreing was already on deferred adjudication for a child sexual assault case.  Because the kidnapping was a violation of the terms of his deferred adjudication, Mooreing was sentenced to 15 years for the child sexual assault.

Mooreing will be able to serve the 25 years and 15 years at the same time. 

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