CROSBYTON, Texas — A man admitted he stole a debit card from a Crosbyton convenience store employee and helped his sister transfer over $1,500 from it, according to a plea agreement filed Tuesday.

Neal Martinez admitted he stole a debit card that an employee had left on a store counter, according to court documents. After the employee noticed the card missing, she reviewed surveillance footage and recognized Martinez as the one who had taken the card because she had known him personally for years.

The employee’s bank account had $1,746 in unauthorized charges placed on her account in the hours after the debit card had been taken. According to court documents, the charges appeared as “CASH APP QUEEN MART.”

Investigators subpoenaed data from Cash App and found that the recipient of the money was Martinez’s sister, Vanessa Ann Upchurch. Upchurch was also known as “Queen Martinez,” according to court documents.

Upchurch was also indicted but has not pleaded guilty or not guilty as of Tuesday.

If a judge accepts the plea agreement, Martinez faces up to 15 years in prison.