LUBBOCK, Texas– A man pleaded guilty for two strangulation charges Wednesday morning and was sentenced to eight years in a state prison. William Theodore “Billy” Bradley, age 40 at the time, accepted his first plea bargain for cyberstalking in June 2019.

According to court records, in August 2019, Bradley previously admitted to taking nude photographs of a woman referred to as Jane Doe #1 on the condition they would remain private. He was later accused of posting a sexually explicit video of Jane Doe #1 to Facebook, court records said.

Bradley had an “often violent romantic relationship” with Jane Doe #1. This was due to him being angry that she did not respond to a message from him at 3:00 a.m., court records said.

In March 2019, Bradley admitted he locked Jane Doe #1 out of his house naked one time, referring to her often as “ugly whore,” “POS” and “pasty white b****.”

He also admitted he “depended on women to pay his bills and support him financially.”

Also, Bradley had started an “often violent” romantic relationship with a woman referred to as Jane Doe #2 and recorded at least two sexual encounters with her, court records said.

Bradley admitted to investigators he called her fat and the “biggest whore I’ve ever met.”

Officials arrested Bradley in June 2019 and has since remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center.

In federal court, Bradley was sentenced to no more than five years in federal prison. Once he has finished serving that time, he will then serve the remainder of the eight years in a state prison concurrently.