LUBBOCK, Texas— The Lubbock Police Department arrested Andrew Lee Bryan, 29, for indecency with a child on Saturday.

Officers were called to a residence in the Jackson-Mahon neighborhood for the report of a sexual assault. Officers talked to Bryan, who claimed he was investigating if the underage girl in the house was a victim of sex trafficking, according to police records.

Officers also talked to an underage girl. She told officers she was asleep with her boyfriend on the couch and that’s when she felt Bryan move in behind her. She indicated that he began to touch her inappropriately. She then woke up her boyfriend which led to an argument between the boyfriend and Bryan.

“It was at this time officers were called,” official records said.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Bryan remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond.

CLARIFICATION: Bryan’s claim to the police has been clarified in this story.