LUBBOCK, Texas- Police found a sawed-off shotgun after arresting a man who ran from officers, according to a police report.

Matthew Castillo was seen in a white SUV in the back of the parking lot at the location. The office examined the vehicle located on the north side of the building against the back fence.

The officer continued walking around the building, then saw Castillo walking down the sidewalk, going eastbound the police report said.

As the officer walked towards another vehicle against the fence on the south side of the building, he noticed Castillo had a backpack. According to the officer, Castillo looked at him nervously as if not wanting to be caught.

According to the police report, Castillo continued walking northbound on the sidewalk down Avenue Q. Two more officers arrived at the scene to help stop him, so they could talk to him. 

One officer yelled at Castillo to stop, to which he yelled back, “I didn’t do anything” and ran into traffic lanes in the street, according to the police report.

Two officers chased Castillo into the parking lot of 4301 Avenue Q. According to police, Castillo pulled his backpack around as if to pull something out of it. 

According to the police report, a K9 was released, and the dog bit Castillo, which allowed officers to take him into custody. 

Police found a sandwich bag with marijuana in Castillo’s pocket. The officer then observed his backpack and revealed a sawed off shotgun.

“[The shotgun] had been modified to have a pistol grip and double barrels less than 18 inches in length, making it a prohibited weapon,” the police report said.

Castillo had outstanding warrants out for his arrest, according to the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunication System, one of which prohibits him from owning a firearm.

One of the officers returned to his patrol vehicle and decided to check the white SUV on the south side of the parking lot once more and still found no evidence of damage.

An employee at the lot said he had just been in the vehicle a short time earlier and also said there was no damage to the vehicle.

Castillo sustained injuries on his lower left leg from the dog bite. After receiving medical clearance, Castillo was booked into Lubbock County Detention Center.