LUBBOCK, Texas — A Lubbock man was arrested Wednesday, October 13, and charged with crossing the road outside of a crosswalk, according to a police report. The incident happened in the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Crickets Avenue.

According to the police report, an officer saw a man cross Crickets Avenue without using a nearby crosswalk. The officer said the man then started walking in the street instead of the nearby sidewalk.

“Due to the substantial amount of pedestrians being struck by vehicles,” the police report said, “[the man] put himself in an unnecessary risk of injury by failing to use the crosswalk.”

The officer got permission from his supervisor before arresting the man, according to the police report.

As of October 4, there had been 10 fatal pedestrian crashes in 2021, the same number in all of 2019.

LPD Sergeant Tim Seeley said September 27 that officers would be on the lookout to enforce pedestrian violations in an effort to discourage jaywalking.