LUBBOCK, Texas – On Wednesday, a man was arrested at approximately 12:00 AM for firing shots at a vehicle in the 5800 block of Avenue U, according to a report by the Lubbock Police Department.

According to the LPD report, Tyler James Parker, 30, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and endangering a child. The victims were a man, his girlfriend, their child and his sister. 

One of the victims was driving, and she told police they were near 40th Street and Quaker Avenue. That’s when she saw Parker and another person quickly get into their truck and begin following them.

The victim also told police she got nervous and asked her brother to drive instead. Parker continued to follow them around, then rammed into the back of the car and fired two shots, according to the police report. 

According to the report, the man was able to wave down officers after pulling into the Ella Apartments in the 1100 block of 58th Street. Parker stopped following them and drove away where he was stopped by officers in the 7100 block of Avenue W. 

No injuries were reported. As of Thursday, bond was posted for Parker and charges are still pending.