LUBBOCK, Texas — On Saturday afternoon, the Lubbock Police Department arrested a man, 39-year-old Alberto Limon, on three charges after he attempted to run from officers.

According to LPD, officers were called to 66th and University in reference to a “check subject” call. The caller told police “a man was walking in the middle of University Ave with two dogs and vehicles were having to swerve to avoid hitting them.”

Limon was then located in the parking lot of Target on 7302 University Avenue. Officers tried to detain him, but he ran off, LPD said.

LPD said one of Limon’s loose dogs bit an officer, who then shot at the animal, killing it. The officer had minor injuries.

Limon was arrested and charged with “Possession of drug paraphernalia, Evading Arrest, Resisting Arrest, and a warrant,” according to LPD.

As of Monday, Limon was still booked under the Lubbock County Detention Center.