LUBBOCK, Texas — Deniro Mata, 46, was arrested and accused of aggravated robbery and stalking, among several other charges, according to a report from the Lubbock Police Department.

Police were called for a disturbance in the 5400 block of Marshal Street on February 22.

According to the report, the victim told officers she was driving home and saw Mata in a vehicle near her residence, so she kept driving. The victim said Mata followed her and “intentionally struck” the vehicle she was driving. Mata pulled the victim out of the vehicle and assaulted her in the front yard of her home, according to the report.

The victim told officers when she tried to call 911, Mata pushed her to the ground and ran to his vehicle with her phone, the report stated. The victim reached into the vehicle for her phone and was dragged down the road, the report said. According to the police report, Mata then grabbed the victim by her throat before he drove away from the area.

When officers showed up, the report said Mata started a police chase that ended with a crash near Erskine Street and Upland Avenue. Officers found alcohol and a gun in Mata’s vehicle, according to the report.

After Mata was put in handcuffs, the police report said he “kept asking for his mother and asking [police] to notify his mother and requested to call his mother multiple times.”

As of Tuesday, Mata was held at the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $153,000.