LUBBOCK, Texas — Hector Lee Leon, 51, was arrested last week in Lubbock for stalking. Lubbock Police provided a report on Monday with more details.

Officers responded on the night of December 7 to a business in the 8000 block of Slide Road. An officer found Leon nearby in a pickup truck. A police report said Leon was parked and just watching a woman he used to date. At first, Leon refused to get out of the pickup and would not roll down his window. An officer mentioned the possibility of breaking the window. Eventually Leon got out voluntarily.

“[Leon] stated that it does not matter if we arrest him tonight because he is not going to stop,” the police report said. “Once he is released again, he advised he [will] go right back to stalking [her].”

The police report also said, “[Leon] seemed emboldened because he has been arrested several times for stalking of [the victim] but has yet to go to court.”

“[Leon] was proud of that fact and even told me several times to make sure I have it all there and that he will see me in court,” the police report said.

An officer determined that Leon had “on more than one occasion” violated Texas’ harassment law.

“She feels threatened just by his presence because of their history and his past violent behavior directed towards her,” the police report said. It also said Leon damaged her property in the past and she feels, “He will do it again.”

Leon was arrested and remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center as of Monday in a $100,000 bond.