LUBBOCK, Texas — One employee is making an effort to make it to work despite challenges.
Jerrod Haggerty said he has been working at Burger King off 50th Street for almost two years and said it’s a place where he feels comfortable.

“Every time I come to this job, I feel like I’m around family,” said Haggerty. “People here are down to earth.”

Recently, Haggerty has dealt with some setbacks but has still made an effort to make it work.

“I get paid every two weeks. I have been staying on and off in a motel room, and sometimes I get a full week. And, I’m going to tell the truth, sometimes I’ll be right back on the streets,” said Haggerty.

Haggerty said his bike was stolen recently and that it was the primary way he would travel to work. He said since the bike was stolen, he’s had to travel over three miles to get to work.

“Man, that’s my everything. That’s my only mode of transportation–just like a person’s car is very precious to them, and they need their car to get from point A to point B,” said Haggerty. “That’s what my bike symbolizes to me.

Aaron Ussery, night shift manager at Burger King, said he was upset to hear about the stolen bike because Haggerty is a dedicated employee.

“Every day he comes to work, he has a sense of urgency,” said Ussery. “He’s always motivated. He always motivates people to come to work.”

Justin Hall, the Lubbock district manager for Burger King, said they had recently given Haggerty a raise because of his dedication and strong work ethic.

“Most employees with loss of transportation would just not be showing up for work,” said Hall. “It would be call-ins and no-shows.”

Despite Haggerty’s setbacks, he said he would continue to push through and said others facing adversity should keep moving forward.

“Put your faith in God, like that’s what I have been doing, putting my faith in God and just hoping that he will come through,” said Haggerty. “If you can’t put your faith in God, because I know not everyone believes in God, put faith in yourself.”