LUBBOCK, Texas —  Santiago Espinal-Orduna, 30, was convicted and sentenced Thursday to 15 years on counts of aggravated assault of a child.

On September 14, 2020, an officer with Fort Worth PD had responded to an “injured child” call at Cook’s Children’s Medical Center located in Fort Worth, Texas.

According to court documents, Espinal had intentionally harmed the child.

According to a police report, when the officer arrived at the hospital and saw that the child had a broken humerus and multiple fractures the officer said were “consistent with child abuse.”

The court documents indicate that Espinal had squeezed the child’s ribs and chest. He then stomped on the child’s arm as well as his foot. Espinal proceeded to apply pressure to the child’s throat to “impede the normal breathing and circulation of blood.”

The officer believed the child had been abused in Lubbock and possibly other cities.