A Lubbock County grand jury indicted Clayton Smith, 36, for injury to a child. He was accused of using a wooden spoon to spank a child who peed her pants.

The child was taken in June to the hospital in Brownfield.  There was bruising on her bottom according to an arrest warrant.  The warrant said the incident happened in a residence in the far southwestern corner of Lubbock County. 

Children’s Protective Services in Brownfield was called to investigate.  

When sheriff’s deputies contacted Smith by phone he freely admitted that the bruising on the girl’s bottom was from a spanking because she peed her pants.

“Smith did admit to spanking [the girl] three times with a wooden spoon,” the arrest warrant said.  

“He stated she peed on herself three times that day, so she got three spankings,” the warrant said. 

The specific age of the girl was edited out of the warrant, but the girl was young enough to be in day care.  Smith was arrested Monday. He was able to post a $30,000 bond to get out jail on Tuesday morning.