LUBBOCK, Texas — A man was arrested after a police report said he led officers on a chase and endangered a child.

On Saturday just before 8:00 p.m., a Lubbock Police officer noticed incorrect vehicle registration information for a pickup truck, a police report said.

After following the vehicle and noticing the driver’s erratic behavior, the officer attempted to pull the pick-up over in the area of the 8200 block of University Avenue, according to the police report.

The vehicle failed to stop, and the suspect, Harvey Young, 27, then led the officer on a chase through a Valero parking lot — Harvey told the passenger of the car, his girlfriend, to jump out of the truck, the police report said.

Police lost sight of the pickup truck for a moment in the 8000 block of Akron Avenue but then noticed Young crashed nearby. 

An officer noticed Young walking with a child heading southbound and a woman walking through an alley headed westbound.

The police officer stopped all three individuals and detained Young, the police report said.

The officer then questioned the passenger and asked her if Young was driving the vehicle, according to the police report. The passenger kept saying no, but the child told the officer Young was driving the vehicle.

The passenger eventually told officers that Young was operating the vehicle and that he instructed her and her child to jump out of the moving vehicle, the police report said.

All three individuals including the child jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving, where it eventually crashed and hit a gas line in the alley, the police report said.

Some of the charges Harvey was arrested for were aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading police in a vehicle and theft of a firearm.