The man arrested on February 8 for the murder of Katrina Castillo, 20, was also possibly involved in the shooting death of Kmydron Jordan.  

On Tuesday, a check of court records revealed Xavier Garcia’s name in a search warrant related to the Jordan murder investigation.  

Jordan was found shot to death on January 13 at the intersection of 84th and Avenue N.  Police said that Jordan was shot at 82nd Street and Interstate 27 and then his body was moved to the other location.  

In the days after the murder, Lubbock Police solicited Crime Line tips from the public. 

A search warrant said, “On a Crime Line tip received on January 16, 2018, the tipster reports information that [two persons] … and another individual named Xavier Garcia were involved with killing Kmydron Jordan.”

The other two people were listed by name in the search warrant.  

However, as of Tuesday they were not charged in the Jordan case or listed in the current jail records.  For that reason, chose not to publish those names at this time.

The search warrant was for a specific vehicle, firearms, blood evidence, trace evidence and other items.  

Jordan had a previous history with one of the persons listed in the search warrant.  In March of 2016, Jordan was the suspect who shot and injured one of the persons named in the warrant.

The search warrant did not name Castillo. Last week, Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe said Garcia confessed to killing Castillo with “a knife-type object.” 

Lubbock Police said on Tuesday that so far no one has been arrested for the murder of Kmydron Jordan. 

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