LUBBOCK, Texas — A man currently in the Lubbock County Detention Center for hitting a police unit with his vehicle before sending law enforcement on a chase reached out on Monday via handwritten letter to, with his account of the events from that day.

“I would agree there is instances of truth in them [stories written about the incident],” 34-year-old Jeffery Enriquez wrote. “However, I cannot agree 100% to the genuine record of them.”

Enriquez was served an arrest warrant on June 9, following a theft, officer-involved shooting and multi-agency pursuit that spanned several counties the day before.

According to a press release from the Lubbock Police Department at the time, the incident began when Enriquez stole a woman’s backpack at Home Depot.

The “Find My iPhone” feature on the woman’s phone led authorities to Enriquez at a gas station in New Deal. Enriquez resisted arrest and reversed his car into a police unit, throwing an officer out, according to previous reports. He next tried to hit another officer, who then fired at him.

Enriquez was sent to the hospital via AeroCare with serious injuries.

Enriquez told his account of the story beginning at the New Deal gas station. He recalled being at the center gas pump about to enter his vehicle when a pickup pulled in front of him and an engine revved up behind him. Next, he sat in the driver’s seat of his vehicle.

According to Enriquez, a man in plain clothes wearing a tan-green colored vest appeared at his door, pointing a pistol at him and said, “Put the car in park.” Enriquez pleaded with the man saying, “Please, please don’t do this.”

Next, the man grabbed Enriquez by the wrist and shot him in the shoulder, Enriquez said.

“I still have the bullet in my shoulder and know it will prove I was shot 20-30 seconds after they made contact with me that day,” Enriquez continued.

He wrote that his vehicle was in neutral and admitted to reversing into the man, but only for fear of his life and those of his loved ones. Next, Enriquez said he saw another man in the same attire who opened fire on him.

He said the men never mentioned that they were police.

“Almost immediately I ran into something behind me,” Enriquez said. “So, I gauged a distance between him and the adjacent gas pump, slid the shifter into drive, turned the wheel and pressed the gas pedal.”

The officer continued to empty his weapon, striking him in the head, Enriquez said, and Enriquez left the gas station at that time.

According to Enriquez, his public defender had yet to make contact with him, “another fact to show the corruption in this case.” He also said that he believed that the two officers should trade places with him in the county jail.

Enriquez said he would fight his case as much as possible.

Previous coverage:

Enriquez, after crashing in a field near FM 784 and FM 789 north of Petersburg, was arrested.  He was first taken to the University Medical Center and then transferred to the LCDC.