LUBBOCK, Texas – One Lubbock man was scammed out of thousands of dollars after he purchased a truck he found online.

Kaden Seale said he had been looking to purchase a truck and ran across an ad for a 2020 Dodge Ram on Craigslist for $28,500.

“It was a really nice truck and a really nice deal for it being below 6 thousand dollars in trade value,” he said.

Seale said he met up with a woman in her 60s at Tuscany Place apartments off of 73rd Street who said her son had passed away. He said the woman reviewed all paperwork with him, including the title, the VIN number and even the Carfax.

“It influenced my purchase with my grandmother being on hospice and stuff,” he said. “Everything looked legitimate.”

Seale said he purchased the truck in cash at the woman’s request. After going to change the title in his name, he found out the truck did not belong to the seller. It belonged to Avis Car Rental in Houston, Texas.

“My heart sank, you know. It was just thinking about the money that I lost on, ‘How am I going to get it back?’ he said, “I’ve just got to leave it into Lubbock Police Department’s hands.”

Allison Matherly with the Lubbock Police Department said she recommends taking a few precautions when purchasing a vehicle outside a dealership.

“The number one thing I would recommend is that you go to the DMV with the person you’re buying the car from and get that paperwork transferred over while the person is present,” said Matherly.

Matherly also said whenever possible, it’s best to avoid paying with cash and pay using something that can be traced back such as a check or a card.

“You don’t want to have a large amount of cash on you because there’s the chance someone will rob you for it,” she said.

KLBK reached out to Avis Car Rental and has not yet received a response. This case is under investigation.