A grand jury on Tuesday indicted Robert Lee Castaneda, 34, of Lubbock for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

The indictment said in August of 2011, he sexually abused a girl under the age of 14.  Her exact age was not given.

Police were called in 2015.  They were told that Castaneda was inappropriate with the girl from August of 2011 through July of 2013.

“The victim also advised that on one occasion [the suspect] asked her if she wanted $20,” an arrest warrant said.

The girl said yes.

An arrest warrant said Castaneda responded by saying, “I’ll give you $20 you let me … [do a sexual act].”

The girl then said no.

The warrant said he later upped the offer to $50 and then $100.

A family member learned that the girl had been abused and told the girl she should not say anything about it.

The girl told police that she tried to kill herself once with poison.

For a time, the abuse stopped, because, according to the warrant, Castaneda was locked up for a different offense.  The girl came forward when she learned that Castaneda was about to be released.

EverythingLubbock.com found a conviction against Castaneda for retaliation.  He was sentenced to five years.  But by 2015, the warrant said Castaneda was out on parole.