LUBBOCK, Texas — A man threatened to burn down a house in the 2300 block of Avenue U at least once before breaking a window and pouring gasoline into it on September 7, according to an incident report.

The man left before a fire was lit, the report said.

The victim said the suspect was the boyfriend of a woman who would stay at the house on occasion before disappearing for weeks or days, the incident report said.

Earlier, the suspect had come to the house and demanded the woman come outside. The victim told him she was not there, and the suspect said he would “burn down the house, literally, if he did not locate [the woman],” the incident report said.

At another point, the suspect came to the house with a handgun and threatened to shoot if the woman did not appear, the incident report said.

The victim said he thought the suspect was serious about burning the house down, according to the incident report. reached out to officials for an update but had not received one as of Monday afternoon.