SEAGRAVES, Texas — A skydiving trip in Seagraves ended in tragedy after 36-year-old Jacob Todd lost his life due to what an expert called a “mistake” during the dive.

On Sunday, October 15, Todd traveled from Colorado to go on a dive with “Skydive West Texas” with some friends. Pete Lutz with “SkyDive West Texas” told that a parachute failing to pen did not cause the accident.

Lutz said that Todd’s parachute “did open successfully, and “a small mistake” led him to a situation that was “unrecoverable.” Todd landed flat and had no visible injuries, according to Lutz.

Several bystanders on the ground rushed to perform CPR on Todd but were unsuccessful. Lutz explained that situations such as Todd’s “are almost impossible” to perform life-saving efforts successfully.

Todd was taken to Seminole Memorial Hospital where he later died, according to the Gaines County Sheriff’s Office.

Lutz said he witnessed all parachutes open during the dive, including Todd’s, and they all were functioning properly at the time. However, he was unable to check Todd’s parachute prior to the jump.

Lutz said the day was “unbelievably fantastic” until Todd’s accident.

GCSO said the Federal Aviation Administration was investigating the accident.

A GoFundMe created for Todd described him as an “extremely loving father” of a 9-year-old girl named Jeune. Todd’s father, Jake, told’s affiliate KDVR his son and granddaughter were “just really something special together.”

Todd participated in nearly 100 jumps and had a “zest for life… and adventure,” Jake told KDVR.

The GoFundMe created for Todd said he was laid to rest on Sunday, and all the money raised will go to Todd’s daughter.

If you would like to give to Todd’s GoFundMe, click here.